It’s the eighth day of 2015.. resolutions!

It’s the eighth day of 2015.. resolutions!

Who else is gob smacked, other than me, that it is now over a week into the New Year? Nothing reminds me to savour the moment as much as Christmas. Enjoying the company of friends and family and holding no bars when it comes to luxurious food and drink leaves a lasting impression on my love of life.

The New Year inspires a tonne of people from around the world to sort of refresh and turn out a few of their bad habits and I am feeling the same. I spent some time clearing out some cupboards at home, sending stuff off to charity and re organising the ‘stuff’. After Christmas has been, all the new presents need to go somewhere and it’s increasingly hard to find space as all my stuff spills out of cupboards and infringes on space that is technically not mine (sorry Angus!).  I’m getting all my thoughts and plans aligned now the fuzz of Christmas is over. Work, wardrobes, holidays, healthy food and exciting adventures are on my mind! Oh and my first home – with lots… and lots of storage!

I took some time to write my resolutions for the year. I plan to do one each month, more like a bucket list, so I have picked my favourite 12! Woop!

These shiny resolutions are:
uno. Watch less T.V/less screen time in general. •IN PROGRESS•
We are all very tech orientated these days and you can’t get away from it. One of the ways I plan to achieve this is to have a tech free night each week.
dos. Be vegan for a month.
As some of you will know, I am a lifelong vegetarian so that habit ‘aint going away any time soon. Despite some desperate attempts to try to convince me to enjoy a bacon butty.
tres. Do one-act of kindness each month (bonus points if it’s for a stranger!) •IN PROGRESS•
I like to think I’m quite kind, but it doesn’t hurt anybody to be even kinder.
cuatro. Make a video montage of all the hilarious things my cat does (as you do) •IN PROGRESS•
cinco. Run twice weekly and beat my personal best for the mile (currently 09’09”)
This will likely take me a little time as I haven’t been running since September (Its been FREEZING.. plus, well its just been very cold….. and erm… dark?)
seis. Try something new: Join a Yoga class with mother.
Technically I have done this before. I have done hot yoga (loved it but made me ill) and anti-gravity yoga which I also loved but it was expensive and I prefer the original back to basics yoga. I have done yoga in a huge, beautiful park in India, thanks to my adopted Indian family. That was amazing. The ‘new’ part of this resolution is to join a class and stick to it but more importantly, go with my lovely mummy.
siete. Clear out my wardrobe and hold a charity clothes swap event.
I’ve wanted to hold one for ages but I’ve never got around to it. Inspired by a friend, I’d like to make it a reality this year. Keep an eye out as it may be near you (it’s a small world?) and you can come and join the fun!
ocho. Reach 20 subscribers/followers on YouTube and my blog.  ACHIEVED ♥ 
Self explanatory. I don’t mind writing for myself, in fact I love my blog. I can’t wait to read it back in years to come. However, some friendly followers to share it with, are welcome.
nueve. Carry out some volunteer work at home or abroad.
Again a strong ambition of mine. I plan to do lots more volunteering.
diez. Be sugar-free for a month.
This ones a tough one, but a good one. My brother recently cut out caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol out for two months. I was inspired by this self control but also from the benefits he felt from doing so.
once. Read/listen to 5 new books this year. •IN PROGRESS•
I have and love Audible. It’s great for long journeys or sleepy evenings and perfect for holidays. I get a book a month with my subscription. I do also try to read as much as I can but I would like to read more!
doce. Put together a box for Operation Christmas Child.
I love the idea of providing a small box of wonder for a child who is less fortunate than most. I will pick things up throughout the year and I can’t wait to send it off. First, a shoebox.

So to sum up, I’m giving myself quite a few resolutions this year and I’m excited!

What are your resolutions? I’d love to see what everyone else is aiming to achieve this year.

An achievement for the end of 2014: perfect, perfect poached eggs 😊

I also want to add another two resolutions. One, try and new food. No matter what it is. Two, complete my photography course with a top mark!

Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Hello there lovely person,
So here it goes..

Who am I and Why am I here…

I am a mid twenties female from the South East of England. Born and bred in Essex, however you would never see me appearing on the likes of TOWIE. That ‘aint me.

I am an organisation “freak”, a girl obsessed with keeping things in order and looking good whilst doing it and I want to share with you all how I manage to manage myself. Yes. everything from how I keep track of everything I have ‘to do’ to what I eat to stay shiny, fit and in shape right down to beauty and lifestyle advice and reviews on my favourite products. I want to share all of this with you to develop myself and hopefully learn some things from my readers. So if you are intrigued in anyway, welcome 🙂

I will be starting a youtube channel up and otherwise you can reach me on instagram (currently my picture is me with a big red lipped smile) or twitter (again another cheesy grinned picture) or pinterest.

Love. ❤