Essential oils & their uses; Clear your cold

Essential oils & their uses; Clear your cold

prodotti-75331-reldb1c9dd58cab42d5bc859a6d0ab74602gold2The common cold is an ailment we all suffer from on occasion and usually when we least need the hassle that it brings. I am keen to get on with renovating our new house (see previous post) but with a cold in tow I am less inspired to get up and go. The best things about a cold are the small things like the continuous sniffling oh and err.. not being able to breath!! I have a cold at the moment and I do all sorts of things to combat and relieve the congestion when its my turn to carry said ‘burden’. One of those things is running a warm bath and adding some cleansing essential oils. The idea is that the steam and soothing properties of the oils will help to shift the sinus blockages and relieve that often unbearable pressure. Other than being helpful in combating my cold & flu symptoms, the warmth of the bath relaxes all your aching muscles which is so ideal after a long day!


   Once I had run the water and got a good temperature (not too hot) I added:

4 drops of Thyme – Soothing and warming for the chest and clearing to the lungs, this oil is very anti-microbial and anti-fungal.
4 drops of Rosemary – Stimulating and revitalising, helping to clear the mind and invigorate the body. Good for boosting circulation. Excellent in hair care and useful for toning the skin.
4 drops of Eucalyptus – Very powerful antiseptic which works well for the respiratory system by opening up the airways and clearing mucus. Can be helpful for easing aches and pains and supporting the lymphatics. Useful for clearing grief and for purifying the atmosphere. Clears the head.

Laura from NHR organic essential oils gave me some helpful advice regarding oils and the importance of diluting them with a base oil to avoid burning or irritating the skin. She sent me a link to this great blog which holds some amazing advice for using essential oils effectively to great benefit. This particular post talks about how many drops to add and when to add them for the perfect bathing experience..

Within minutes of being in the bath I felt like a new person and my cold shifted and my discomfort eased. I got dressed into warm clean clothes and boiled the kettle to make a honey and lemon tea. I slept so so much better than I have been it was a complete success and set me up for a good start for today.

When buying essential oils, be sure you buy them from a trusted source and, where possible, buy organic. Non organic are likely to contain extra ingredients of which may counteract or inhibit the beneficial properties of the essential oils. I buy mine here – NHR Organic Essential Oils. You can order them online but they are based in brilliant Brighton and have a huge range of organic essential oils which come in their own metal cases with helpful descriptions on. The metal casing also helps the oil last longer as they are best kept in a cool dark place.

I found another post by a fellow blogger which had lots of flu fighting ideas. See it here – Pioneer Settler. She suggests, for example, using tea tree in your bath which is another good choice. I am also intrigued by the catnip tea, I would never have thought of it but if it tastes as good as it makes cats crazy, then I’m up for trying it!

If you by any chance have the next cure for the common cold, please do get in touch as I would be incredibly pleased to meet you and hug you for AT LEAST ten minutes!

Over and out for now oh healthy ones 😉

N.B. Please read the label as some essential oils are not suitable to use if you are pregnant.