Photo 101 Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared

Photo 101 Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared

‘I’ve always been drawn to glass: windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. Glass is fun to experiment with when taking pictures, resulting in multi-layered and unexpected shots.’

So, so late with this one. The course finished last week; Friday in fact and… well you get the picture. Or rather you didn’t but now you do. Below. My interpretation of the Glass.

I was inspired by another Photo 101’ers post. I could not remember at first who the mystery blogger was but with a bit of a browse I found them. This photo by bettysarmitage was the inspiration of my photo 🙂 thank you to you x

Anyway I hope everyone is having a perfect Thursday. I have some really fun plans for the weekend and I can’t wait to share what I get up to with you all! Watch this ‘wonderful’ space.

Peace, bloggers x

2015-07-09 18.11.22

Photo 101 Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Photo 101 Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

“Today, capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source.”

Day Nine, I’m on a roll. Only 5 more glorious days to go. I decided to focus on this beautiful bunch of roses clipped from our garden. It featured in one of my previous photo roundup post, with me, which you can see – here. Believe it or not.. That is just a cheap plastic jug I keep for making pimms in bulk. To me it helps to showcase the flowers. Just shows, you don’t have to go out and BUY flowers to have a beautiful bunch. In fact one of the things I love is the thought that someone has gone and hand picked some flowers for me. Take note Angus… 😉

I used my telephoto lens to make sure the flowers were the main focus but allowed the background to create the perfect backdrop. The roses have the most amazing soft and sort of.. fluffy appearance and the setting sun was the piece de resistance, as they say.

enjoy x

Photo 101 Day Four: Bliss

Photo 101 Day Four: Bliss

“What is your idea of bliss? Is it an image of your family, laughing at the dinner table? A state of total relaxation, while lying on the beach? Your latest painting, drying on the canvas?”

Bliss means to me;

  • the great outdoors
  • my nikon d3200
  • a chocolatey treat
  • downton abbey
  • a picnic or meal with friends
  • a cuddle with a pet
  • a mojito!

I vow to keep loving as many things in life as I can. Its hard to capture bliss actually, on a whim. The light of the sunshine through these leaves is blissful in a peaceful way. I can imagine you could make a beautiful wallpaper or print using the shape of the leaves and the different colours created by sunlight and layering. A faint out line of the shapes in a grey on a light soft grey cushion. I love grey at the moment. I think it works well with so many colours to create a peaceful feel.

I think I will add to this post with additional blissful pictures as its nice to focus on the bright happy parts of our lives.

2015-06-11 19.04.36

I have added these two shots below as they too are actually very blissful.

2015-06-11 19.05.03

Bliss is Green