June Shopping Haul

June Shopping Haul

✿ So it’s the 1st July. Who knew! ✿
As well as being the hottest day of the year so far, ice-cream anyone? Or for the adults how about an ice cold cocktail? Pimms is in keeping with the current Wimbledon scene or better still I saw a new recipe on Facebook today of, quite possibly, my dream cocktail – a Prosecco mojito.. You heard it here first.

Well oh my goodness it is hot enough to… cook an egg?! Probably anyway. I’m not gonna test that cos I don’t really like eggs but if you try this, please let me know the results. Thanks.

So I decided to do a post of my purchases for June cos who doesn’t like a nosy in other peoples shopping bags?! 

1st item in the shopping bag…
✿ Kurt Geiger Shoes ✿
These lovely fuchsia pink flats. They were in the sale, naturally, and come in a couple of colour choices – a bright deep blue as well as fuchsia pink. I am a size 4 foot so I find all sorts of great steals in the sales and these were no exception. They don’t appear to have them online anymore but they do have  these which are very similar, and in the sale – yey! Aside from this they are lovely style an imitate the recently fashionable ‘slipper’ style shoe that I decided didn’t really suit me. However add a bow and hey presto. 

This brings me nicely onto my 2nd item..
✿ P
rimark Invisible Socks ✿

You may or may not do a double take at this next item because you can’t really see anything.. because they are invisible. OK I lie, you can see them, but you can’t see them when they are being worn! Totally invisible.

I thought I better try them out before posting about them and honestly they are great.

✿ The Pros:
– Bargain price of £2.50 for a pair of two.
– They are brilliant for summer, for those shoes best worn without socks really but actually that’s kind of not nice so actually you want to wear socks with them so.. here you go. Thank me later.
– They do them in white as well but I got black so that I could wear them with my  black brogues from Clarks (honestly some of the best work shoes I have EVER bought).
– I was a little unsure about their staying power and was sure they would slip off during wear, but nope. An entire 17 hour day later and they were still in the right place. Perfect.

✿ The Con:
– They work insanely well, the only issuculty (this is an ACTUAL word…. OK Its not but it should be – issue/difficulty.. you get the picture) is that it’s hard to keep them in place when pushing your heel into the shoe. but just wiggle your foot about until comfortable.

✿ 3rd item in the bag ✿
More socks?
More socks.
Yes MORE socks. I wanted to compare the two types of socks namely because one were sporty man made fabric and the other cotton and secondly because it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Quite honestly.
So the sporty set you can see above on the left hand side have also been tested for their usability. I am pleased to announce they were also a great purchase. The benefit of these is they come in three different colours – white, black and grey. So they allow more flexibility. I have a pair of grey supergas which the grey pair match perfectly so that made me super happy. They strike me as being ‘more grippy’ because they really stick to your feet. I can’t wait to utilise them all with different summery shoes like my cherished mint green converse.

✿ 4th item in the bag ✿
Foot cushions (Treats for feet)
By now you probably think I’m obsessed with feet. I’m not going to try and dissuade you as the evidence against me is racking up like a girls shoe collection. It’s true I like shoes, I really like shoes.. and socks it seems.

I decided to try some inexpensive foot cushions because it’s always a good idea to look after your feet. I would like to try some of the more expensive options by brands like Scholl who have a range of insoles shown here which are designed to give your feet a ‘comfort sensation’. but I came across the Primark pair shown in the photo above on the right hand side and this is how I got on..

✿ The Pros:
– They are another Primark bargain at £2.
– They have a sticky underside which is very effective at sticking to the shoe. Though I can imagine this can get kinda gross over time so buying multiple pairs is a good idea if you want to use them long term.
– One size fits all
– They do add a nice cushion underfoot
– Once worn in they are pretty comfortable 🙂

✿ The Cons:
 – They aren’t that suitable for flat/dolly shoes (unless they have stretched loads in which case these will help to lengthen the life of your favorite shoes 🙂 ). Understandably they push your foot up so the top of your foot is then pressed against the top inside of the shoe. I would recommend only using these which shoes that you can loosen the laces on so that your foot isn’t pressed in anyway within the shoe.
– I am not sure they will last that long, but they aren’t expensive so it’s not such a big deal.

✿ 5th item in the bag ✿
iPhone case (Fit for the Queens visits to Scotland)
The Queens visit to Scotland, I can hear you thinking WTF? Well, well, well.. I found out today that the national Scottish Animal is a unicorn. Yep you heard me. A Unicorn. I am of course delighted! Scottish blood runs through my veins and my name is also incredibly Scottish. So how fitting could my new iPhone case be!? I LOVE IT. As well as being quite frankly AWESOME to look at. It is also suitably functional. You can access all the relevant buttons and sockets with ease. Sometimes with cases they put covers over the buttons.. ai it’s a good idea but in practice it can be a pain in the butt if the covers are too stiff or aren’t very well made etc. etc.
So here you have it; Skinny Dip I salute you and your iPhone case making abilities. It is on my phone and it won’t be leaving for a longggg time! 

I am a vegetarian, but beef is still out

I am a vegetarian, but beef is still out

Today I read a post on The Independent about Bruno Loubet, the Michelin-starred French chef – see that here. I was super pleased to read it as it was a breath of fresh air (sorry – cliché to say I know). For those people who know me, I have been a vegetarian all my life. I am not a ‘preaching’ kind of vegetarian, but a ‘loving’ kind (hippy alert) and by this I mean I love the planet and I like to treat it with respect and I also love my health and my body and, you guessed it, I like to respect it. So I go about my daily life enjoying both of these things and that’s cool.

Let me tell you the single most repetitive question any vegetarian receives –

“Why? Why are you a vegetarian?”

Now of course there are several angles to this question and many are completely innocent. However some times people ask me and I want to ask right back “Why are you a meat eater?” “Why do you eat baby lambs?” “Why do you eat beef?” and maybe most importantly “Why do you ask me, as though I should not be a vegetarian?”

Freedom to be who we want to be is so so important and to do so with as little judgement as possible is a utopian reality I am not sure we will ever reach. Bruno Loubet’s article only backs up for me why I am vegetarian. Its a personal choice but its nice to know that is also a fair choice, fair to the planet that I reside on.

In the same way I do not choose to preach being a vegetarian or judge people for not being, I do not judge or preach anyone for how sustainable their lifestyle is. I just do my little bit and hope that it helps. I am excited by Bruno’s ideas and will definitely be visiting Bruno’s restaurant to support his efforts.

Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Hello there lovely person,
So here it goes..

Who am I and Why am I here…

I am a mid twenties female from the South East of England. Born and bred in Essex, however you would never see me appearing on the likes of TOWIE. That ‘aint me.

I am an organisation “freak”, a girl obsessed with keeping things in order and looking good whilst doing it and I want to share with you all how I manage to manage myself. Yes. everything from how I keep track of everything I have ‘to do’ to what I eat to stay shiny, fit and in shape right down to beauty and lifestyle advice and reviews on my favourite products. I want to share all of this with you to develop myself and hopefully learn some things from my readers. So if you are intrigued in anyway, welcome 🙂

I will be starting a youtube channel up and otherwise you can reach me on instagram (currently my picture is me with a big red lipped smile) or twitter (again another cheesy grinned picture) or pinterest.

Love. ❤