Its a House Thing; My New Crib

Its a House Thing; My New Crib

Well it has been a while, a few days.. I realise! I apologise and actually I bring good news, great news! I am buying a house! Woohooo! A great little house, in need of a face lift and here she is..

My little home

I am feeling accomplished as it has been a dream for me for a while. I have so many plans already, she’s gonna be transformed and I am excited to be at the helm of these transformations. It’s currently a complete empty shell, a little run down and has tonnes of potential. It’s so exciting for me and I hope to share with you some of my experiences of the house-buying/house-doing-up process.. Honestly it has taken such a slog to get to this point. So really I have decided to dedicate todays blog post to celebrating the first, ‘big step’ done! 😀

I couldn’t do a blog post without sharing some of my top tips for house buying, and they are:

1. I strongly recommend that before you start looking, you write a list of your key features for your dream house. I have to admit I had to look around a little to work out exactly what I wanted but as soon as I knew I wrote it down so that I could compare it with any potential house. It seems funny, but it is easy to go of course especially if you are desperate to buy. 

2. Look within your budget. Talk to an advisor, or more than one is even better if you have the time. See what your boundaries are price wise and stick to them. Its likely you have saved up some deposit money (if you haven’t, then this should be your first step) and generally I tried to think along the lines of being able to put down 25% deposit in order to get a comfortable mortgage but there are tonnes of deals out there so a mortgage advisor is your friend here. Remember to ask them if they are ‘whole of market’ as that means they check EVERY offer not just for one or two places which limits your chances of getting the best deal.

3. Be patient. We have been looking for over a year and thats not unusual. Sometimes it can be really quick and in our case, sometimes not! It has been a painstaking journey, however we are almost there. I vowed to myself to not buy anything that wasn’t right, so that means not jumping the gun. Houses frequently pop on and off the market. Generally speaking the market dies down before Christmas and picks up again around March time when the weather starts warming up. If there is nothing around just yet, it just means you have more time to save some money towards your perfect property! Every cloud.

4. Don’t forget the fees. I didn’t realise how much ‘extra’ there is to pay over an above your deposit. Stamp duty, legal fees, searches and the mortgage fee itself (you pay the bank an upfront fee to burrow money of which you will pay a hefty price for.. yep!!) So don’t forget to set aside some money for these things. I would say between £4-8,000 will be ample for most first time buyers.

5. Finally, check out blogs and online websites for help and advice. I have shared with you just a few things, there is a plethora of information out there! Search tags such as ‘first time buyer’ and ‘house buying’ to find fellow bloggers on the same journey, just like me!

I decided to write these points in purple as a kind tribute to the previous owners of the property, who had decorated with a pretty lavender coloured theme throughout. They even put up glittery wall paper – I kid you not! I will have to make sure I get some evidence of this for you as it was a first for me! Please feel free to comment and share your experiences of house buying, any advice is welcomed!!

Love you all! x ❤