Win at Life; Top Tips

Win at Life; Top Tips

Hello to you, sweet.

As you may know by now, I love organising and sorting things. There is always so much to organise and a plethora of ways in which to do so. Seems like a rather mad thing to do really, spending your life shuffling things and putting them into various boxes/files/containers and re-aligning your wardrobe to meet your needs. Certainly (generalizing a bit here) male minds would say “have less stuff, then there’s less to organise”. Nice try guys. Its a simple concept however not a concept (again generalizing) most women will take you up on.

So why do we do it to ourselves? Well because we are intelligent beings and have become accustomed to material things. Nice things. Big things. Things that require stacks of paperwork. In order to manage these, we develop methods and take on more stuff to help us help ourselves manage. It is madness really.

Well anyway, I like to think that I am good at finding happy mediums. I completely agree with the statement that ‘less is more’; this is something I have learnt from my Mum who has shown me the way many a time.

So I want to share some top tips to win at life:

Always save at least 10% of anything you earn.
One of the best ways to do this is set up a direct debit. Saving can be boring but you honestly don’t miss it as it’s gone before you even get a chance to spend it. Forget about this money, you will be surprised at how quickly it grows and don’t be tempted to dip into it. Ideally have a goal or two to save towards.

Save another 10% of your earnings into a style account.
If you are serious about your wardrobe, saving 10% into a separate bank account will allow you to spend money on your wardrobe when you find things you love but wouldn’t normally buy. It’s worth it. A separate account with its own debit card is key.

Buy things when you see them and buy better quality over quantity.
This may require a certain amount of self-control. When you see items that make you swoon and that really, really suit you (and if you have the money in your newly set up ‘style account’) buy it! 🙂 We all fall into the trap all too often of buying cheaper items that ‘will do’ because ‘its a good price’ and then either… never wearing them/buying duplicates/wearing boring outfits. Our outfits should reflect something about us and I think there’s room for people to have lots of fun here and enjoy the process of putting an outfit together. So flamboyant coats, pretty dresses, colourful shoes. Whatever they might be, buy them. One off pieces are important. Check out charity shops, look for quality items, natural fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. Don’t get me wrong, good quality does not have to mean expensive. Plus sometimes its good to have a couple of cheap t-shirts and things in your wardrobe.. to paint the house and do dirty work in! Otherwise go dress up and have fun!

Here are some of my outfits and styles that I have enjoyed and not all of them have been expensive or cheap:


Buy a filing cabinet – you will not regret it.
Papers pile up around you and you have no idea where you put that really important document. Get a filing cabinet and name each folder and file papers in each file when they pop through the post or you print an important email. There are lots of options when it comes to buying filing cabinets. My personal favourites:
Bisley Cabinets
They come in all sorts of sizes and colours and you can even grab a pretty vintage model if you look carefully.
bisley 1bisley 2

Vintage filing cabinets. Beautiful yet practical!
Amberg_Patent_Cabinet_Letter_File_OMfiling 2
If you feel creative you can even use other furniture.
Filingfilewicker file

Now I mention this here because it’s important to keep a multitude of files and one of those files should be a receipts folder. Store all those receipts, for clothes, expensive or electrical items. You never know which ones you will need to refer to.

One thing I am planning to do, and want to do even more now, is to sort my wardrobe and photograph various outfits to create a folder of ideas for future reference. It will help me get better at dressing myself too and will show me the gaps of which I need to buy things to complete outfits.

I will blog about this process and let you know how I get on and share my tips and the ‘how to’ when sort clothes and building outfits. Plus I have a great idea for what to do with those clothes that don’t make the cut.

This honestly makes me so excited.

Love from,
The Organisation “Freak”