Autumn Winter Fash

Autumn Winter Fash

Is it just me or is it feeling freakin’ Christmassy! My birthday (Mid September) marks for me the end of a beautiful summer (most of the time if England isn’t being S***) and the start of fresh crisp air, scarf wearing, hot chocolate drinking, snuggly season.

One great thing about this time of year is Winter fashion and I’m not really one for following trends, I’m more about being yourself and wearing whatever that might be. Here are a few things that I am eyeing up..

❄ Big Slouchy Jumper
Wine Red
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯

This comes in black and blue also but I love the wine red.


❄ Big Blanket Scarf

I love a good scarf, there’s nothing that says snug more than a scarf.


❄ Floppy Hat 
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯

I do actually already have a floppy hat and as tempting as it is to buy a new one (basically because it’s got faux snakeskin trim..) I might jazz mine up with an old belt or something.


❄ Longline Wool Coat
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯

As it’s long it’s perfect for keeping you warm and cosy from head to.. ankle. I wear blacks and grey’s as my neutral colours so this is perfect for working with other items in my wardrobe. At £70 it’s quite an easy sell.


❄ Knee High Boots
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯

Not normally a fan of over the knee as I think they can make legs look funny.. but theesse…ohhh these are loovvllyy!!! Be Mine ❤


❄ Lace Up Shoe Boot
New Look via ASOS
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯

I love a good shoe boot and at such a bargain price these are a perfect staple piece with a difference.

image1xxl (1)

❄ Check Co-ords
Top £25.99
Trousers £29.99
★ ☆ ✰ ✮ ✯
Zara Coord

What are you eyeing up this autumn/winter? x


New Blogs to Follow

Hey bloggers,

I’d love to add to my list of blogs I follow, however I find the task of finding them somewhat daunting. I thought it might be fun to ask everyone to post a favourite/new/unusual blog they follow in the comments so we can all add to our collection! Hey, you might find you get some new followers too 🙂

Please re-blog this post on your feed so that others might join in 🙂

Remember to comment a link to this post on one of their posts so they know you love ’em and can join in too 😊


My Daily Outfit; Day Four

My Daily Outfit; Day Four

I got a bit caught up sorting everything for Angus’ birthday this weekend so I didn’t have time to write the last blog post of the week so I apologise for the delay. Never fear, here it is! The last day of our trip was a sad but fun day. We enjoyed Bruges so much and look forward to the next time! 

So my final outfit I chose to wear because I wanted to feel comfortable whilst travelling home and whilst saying our goodbyes to this great city. 

I wore:

Lace Dress: Primarni

Red Boucle Cardigan: Forver21 

Same scarf, same sunnies and boots with some tights I recently bought from Sainsbury’s. They are amazing really soft and perfect. They were 40 denier in a pack of 3 for about £5 so in my opinion a great essential purchase!

Our final lunch was at The Gingerbread Tearoom. It’s right next to Lizzie’s wafles, which is where we went the other day. It was empty when we arrived and we were feeling quite full of rich Belgium food by then! I had carrot and coconut milk soup, an amazing combination. Angus had a goats cheese panini with honey and a white hot chocolate!

So until our next trip I will leave it there. Thanks for joining! X