What to pack? Travel Essentials

What to pack? Travel Essentials

Oh the fine art of packing light. It’s an art!
I have just returned from a gorgeous weekend away and as with any travelling adventure you want to pack to make the trip pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable.

I read a blog post by Untitled today and this inspired me to tell you how I came to pack, quite successfully, for my weekend away.

1. The notebook list.
I write everything and anything in one notebook. I do this because then I have everything with me. Its one of my handbag essentials; my notebook. This one in fact.


2. The packing ‘area’
I asked my lovely boyfriend to retrieve the suitcase from the loft about a week and a bit before so that when I came across things, I could bundle them into the bag. Its as much of a reminder as anything, to keep me focused that I need to prepare for going away.

TIP: The frequent traveller
The tricky thing with packing is that a lot of the stuff you need to pack is stuff you need everyday. One tip for frequent travellers (I used to travel back and forth to my boyfriends when we didn’t live together) is to have doubles. This is easier to do with the less expensive items such as toothbrushes I know but if you do all the fiddly bits and have a travelling towel, toothbrush, toiletries bag with minis and pyjamas it means the only things left to pack are the outfits and make-up – even then you can have a mini make-up bag. Double up on the staples and then just add your favourite eye-shadow set and lipstick to make your make-up zing!

3. Break it down
I break the trip into sections and plan each part. So for example we were going away for four days so I packed like so:
3 sets of underwear
4 pairs of socks (I’d never need them all but its good to have a variety in case.
1 pair of tights.
1 set of pyjamas for the whole weekend.
1 warm and comfy zip up jumper to wear over anything but mainly for snuggling in if its really cold.
1 set of thick woolen non-slip socks plus my booty slippers.
1 coat – my parka plus gloves and a faux-fur headband. Big pockets and hooded to protect me against the wind and rain.
1 pair of boots and 1 pair of slip on pumps.
I wore my standard jewellery and took a couple of additional items (a sparkly necklace and a bracelet) to put with all my outfits.

Then it was a case of outfits which I worked out per day:
Friday – comfy but smart travelling outfit plus car pillow and blanket, water bottle and journey snacks.
I wore my Mint Velvet leggings, a floaty dress from a small boutique and a cardigan plus a scarf I bought in the local market. Comfortable but presentable and when we arrived I could just wear the same outfit for the evening. I will add in a picture later to show you.
Saturday – day out. We were going to Longleat Safari park so I planned a warm, comfortable outfit to include my leggings again with a high waisted skirt and tank top from Primark with a cardigan and the same boots.
Sunday – day out take two. I planned another warm but comfortable outfit based around my tie die effect trousers with a light blue tank top and a cardigan plus a scarf.
Monday –didn’t specifically plan an outfit for this day but I plopped in another couple of basic clothing items as I was sure I would wear my leggings again so i just needed a couple of top choices and I could wear this with any of the cardigans I had packed.

4. Other
I then packed all my other things:
Glasses and sunglasses
Ipad and charger
Phone charger
My trusty Nikon d3200
My handbag plus a smaller carry around bag for days out.

As it was the valentines weekend, we planned to have a celebratory meal so we dressed the table so I packed some candles, heart shaped balloons, a lighter and the gifts. We were playing a game so we all contributed some funny valentine related gifts to the middle of the table, and we each took it in turns to roll the dice. If we got a six we got to pick out a present. Once all the presents were distributed a timer was set and we rolled the dice again, if we got a six we would ‘steal’ from someone else. It was really fun and this meant that we all got a chance to get more gifts!

I made the valentines dessert and here is the only remaining evidence as everybody loved it!

Which one would you pick?
Strawberries taste even better when heart shaped