Introducing Me

I am a mid-sized, mid-twenties, dark brown-eyed, English, non-typical ‘Essex girl’ who lives no where near Essex.

I am a perfectionist at heart, a girl obsessed with keeping things in order and looking good whilst doing it.

My blog posts will consist of lovely things such as:

+ Photography – for I am in training.
+ Fashion – for I love to dress up.
+ Reviews – for I am all ‘opinionated and stuff’.
+ Beauty & Lifestyle – for I am a girl.
+ Recipes – for the odd occasion when I get my bake on.

Three of my current favourite things:

+ The colour lilac,
+ My Nikon D3200 and
+ My pretty ball of fluff a.k.a my cat.

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21 thoughts on “Introducing Me

  1. Hi! I’m Amanda, and I found your blog in the Commons for Blogging 101! This is a lovely About Me page, and definitely shows who you are/what you’re looking to post. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing. xx

    1. Hi Amanda, Thank you so much for taking a look! I didn’t think I could improve on my last one (not because I thought it was amazing but because I tried hard to create the last one) so I am pleased you like it! x

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