Photo 101 Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

Photo 101 Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

‘In the absence of a wooden chest full of gold doubloons, any object or experience that is deeply meaningful can be a treasure. Items, places, people — we all cherish something, or someone.’

On Wednesday last week, we took a little time to cherish the sunshine and each others company and this sort of occasion is like treasure to me. You may notice that someone else unexpectedly joined in the feast. Enjoy your weekend 🙂 x

‘I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds round my neck’
– author unknown 


10 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

      1. Aw thank you. This 101 might be good for my figure too – I want the cake, but I’m glued to the chair… going this time, definitely going… tea and cake has to beat blogging… right!? 😀

      2. haha hmm I’m not sure. My boyfriend would say that I love blogging more than him haha! However… your own birthday cake is a once a year thing so enjoy it! x

      3. Considering I don’t remember saying Goodnight to my snoring husband, I reckon he might say the same thing!!! (I retrieved tea and cake and enjoying as I blog… who said you can’t have everything! 😉 )

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