Photo 101 Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

Photo 101 Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

“The colors in our photographs are evocative and rouse emotions within us. Color can elevate a mundane image into something intriguing and meaningful, and can tell a particular story within the frame.”

I’m not a fan of settling for a picture that doesn’t really resonate with my inner sense of the theme. I went for a walk, headphones in, sunnies on. Took some pictures along the way. Took some pictures at the destination. Didn’t like any of them. On the walk home I looked down at my feet…

2015-06-29 19.08.19

8 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

  1. Love the look of your “pop of color.” Great feet. I also like the way you have set up your sidebar, especially the invitation to “Join the Party.” Beauty and fashion aren’t topics that interest me, but if they were, I would follow you in a heartbeat, just based on your new header and your homepage. Well done! One question: Right above “Bloggers I follow,” did you mean “Gorgeous fellow”? or am I misunderstanding something?

    1. Thank you so much. I quite like my feet so didn’t mind featuring them :D. To be honest I still need to hone the exact emphasis of my blog.. If you read my ‘introducing me’ page you will see that I am going to blog about a variety of subjects so I need to hone down what my blog reflects and actually it is more likely to ‘photography, lifestyle & daily inspiration’. I was thinking it through today actually 🙂 And fellow to me means ‘ a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or otherwise associated with another.’ so they are my fellow bloggers 😀 I hope that makes sense. Thank you again for taking the time to take a look and comment x

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