Photo 101 Day Seven: Big & Point of View 

Photo 101 Day Seven: Big & Point of View 

“Today, let’s go big. Whether inside or outside, photograph something of massive size. Feel free to interpret big in your own way, and get creative with your shot.”

I was well and truly flummoxed when it came to the theme for day seven. I started taking shots for the later themes and could envisage all sorts of things that I wanted to try out but when it came to ‘Big’… Nothing. Well, not nothing but not very much. There are no really big landmarks in my small farmers market town.. So I did what any farmers market town dweller would do. I took my camera for another walk, its a good boy.. always at my heal. Oh by the way…Happy Bring Your Dog To Work Day! – Twitter was full of amazing pictures of ‘dogs at work’ My personal favorite tweet was this one from NOTHS.

My walk produced this. I knew as soon as I had taken the photo it was EXACTLY how I wanted to represent Day Sevens Theme. I wanted to see big things appearing really small and in this case it was cars.. and a lorry. I love how they look small, miniature almost. It reminds me a little of tilt shift photography, which are awesome. If you have never come across this before, here are some beautiful examples. I am so pleased with how my picture turned out (even if I did have to take it on my iPhone again.. *heads off to charge camera battery*)

enjoy x

Big Little
Big Little

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