Vanished! Just like that

Vanished! Just like that

Hi Happy People,

Its been on my mind to just put it out there that no, I have not in fact vanished. I have just been busy tying up the final preparations for the purchase of our new home – woohoo. We get the keys on Friday and then the fun really begins! The Architect arrives (a good friend of mine) to draw up the plans on Sunday. She must be a workaholic but I love her for it! So anyway, the house looks a bit of a state. Weeds and plants growing all over the show and old 1980’s wallpaper falling away from the wall like its falling asleep at the sheer lack of interesting decor. Its… ready for an update and all I know at this stage is it is going to include one of these beauties (see below) – maybe not white?! – and I am going to be enjoying its warming rays when winter comes after a long summer of DIY.

log burner

More soon! ‘Before’ pictures coming up along with a string of posts to include our plans and then pictures of those plans taking shape. Well that’s the idea!

Lots of love x

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