Tried and Tested: Banana Muffins with Greek Yoghurt 

Tried and Tested: Banana Muffins with Greek Yoghurt 

So overripe bananas are considered a victory in my house. It just so happens three of these overripe delights appeared on the kitchen table. This meant I can put them to good use and oh how there are so many uses! My usual go to is banana bread however the last time I made it, a cat snuck into our house and ate it! I’m not even kidding. So I took it as a sign and this time I thought I would make something else. Off to Pinterest I popped and I found this great blog – le creme de la crumb – a great name, I think you’ll agree, and lots of great baking content. 

I gave her recipe a go and about a couple of hours later they were done. We found that we loved the muffins soo much that of the 16 we made on Friday night there now only remains 2, and it’s Sunday afternoon. 14 muffins in barely two days… Proud?.. I think so! 

Mine didn’t turn out as well as creme de la crumbs, but I have a feeling it’s because my baking powders out of date. Next time, new baking powder and perhaps I will use half self-raising flower to help them along a bit. 

Another awesome thing about overripe bananas… They are supposedly great at fighting cancer cells!   

If you fancy making something else with your ripe bananas see this blog which has over 50 recipes and ideas. Or do what I do and turn to Pinterest! 

I hope you are all having a great Sunday. As you know we’re buying a house, Im super excited and we are getting to the final stages of the purchasing process. There’s a lot to do and it’s kept me very busy sourcing contractors, getting quotes and setting up life insurance! Hopefully we will exchange soon which is going to the the best day of 2015 so far. We decided to spend our Sunday getting organised for the move by sorting through paperwork and clothes. I figure, the less stuff we have the easier the move will be and as the house is a blank canvas I would like to paint a great picture. 

I’m going to try and post a blog every Sunday whilst I’m tied up with the house. I will vary the content each Sunday and blog mid week if I have time too! 

See you all soon 

Loads of Sunday love x

Hey, Facebook Me.

Hey, Facebook Me.

Hello fello,

Did anyone watch the eclipse this morning? I didn’t see much sadly because there is soo much cloud cover in the UK but I kept a keen eye on the BBC One show and twitter for updates.

One of my favourite tweets for anyone who missed it:

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New Blogs to Follow

Hey bloggers,

I’d love to add to my list of blogs I follow, however I find the task of finding them somewhat daunting. I thought it might be fun to ask everyone to post a favourite/new/unusual blog they follow in the comments so we can all add to our collection! Hey, you might find you get some new followers too 🙂

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