Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

Hello there lovely person,
So here it goes..

Who am I and Why am I here…

I am a mid twenties female from the South East of England. Born and bred in Essex, however you would never see me appearing on the likes of TOWIE. That ‘aint me.

I am an organisation “freak”, a girl obsessed with keeping things in order and looking good whilst doing it and I want to share with you all how I manage to manage myself. Yes. everything from how I keep track of everything I have ‘to do’ to what I eat to stay shiny, fit and in shape right down to beauty and lifestyle advice and reviews on my favourite products. I want to share all of this with you to develop myself and hopefully learn some things from my readers. So if you are intrigued in anyway, welcome 🙂

I will be starting a youtube channel up and otherwise you can reach me on instagram (currently my picture is me with a big red lipped smile) or twitter (again another cheesy grinned picture) or pinterest.

Love. ❤

8 thoughts on “Its time for me to say ‘Hello!’ and admit something…

  1. What a wonderful topic to blog on. Your “assignment” just bursts with energy and parts of it really inspired me to get more organized and stay that way! It really can be a lifetime pursuit and passion!!!

  2. When I read about your organisation needs I was surprised that you didn’t use lists to explain yourself. Do you love stationary as well? I love stationary although that might not be an organisation thing …

    1. It’s funny you say that because I started to write a new ‘who am I’ post and it was basically saying the same thing but the difference was I itemised the things about me. A, B, C.. And so on! I do LOVE stationary. Obsessed with finding the perfect diary /notebook combo! Definitely a bit of an obsessive organisational trait to love a good bit of stationary to make it interesting 🙂

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